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Purchases made on MilitaryBest.com are appreciated by our team. When you purchase a item(s) on MilitaryBest.com with a credit card, Paypal or other payment method, the funds are collected prior to shipment of all/any items. If a refund is required for any reason, the card used to purchase will be credited or in some instances when necessary a refund check may be generated and mailed to you.

(1) All stock items (not custom) carry a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, within that time, the item is returned to us in a resalable condition, we will refund your purchase price less shipping costs and an email will be provided to you notifying you of the refund amount. If you did not provide an email address at the time of placing your order then no other communication regarding your refund will be made.

We regret we CANNOT offer money-back guarantee for CUSTOM EMBROIDERED or PRINTED products unless there is a material defect; however, we may, at management's discretion, refund 50% of the purchase price of a custom item that you are not satisfied with due to buyers regret or ordering mistake.

Any bulk purchases (More than 1dz of any particular SKU or combination of SKU's) that are returned will incur a 15% restocking fee.

(2) If your product arrives and you notice that it is defective, we will send you another at no cost. We will require pictures of the product for validation and training purposes. You may or may not be requested to send the item back.

(3) If you ordered a CUSTOM PRODUCT, we will accept it as a return only if it has a material defect. Customization includes, but is not limited to, caps that are ordered with the addition of officer's insignia (gold or silver braids) added to the bill of a cap. These braids are referred to on our site as "Scrambled Eggs" or "Bolts and Lightning."

(4) Some of our products are shipped by drop shippers. This means the item ships from another location/warehouse. When a drop shipped item is ordered concurrently with stocked items then any expedited shipping requests may be impacted. A drop shipped item ordered in combination with a stocked item will be shipped separately, and one shipment may be sent via standard USPS First Class Mail, while the other item will be shipped utilizing the expedited shipping method selected.


MilitaryBest does not default to any particular shipping method at checkout. You must select your desired method and also check the shipping cost associated with that method prior to making payment.

If you do place an order and a item(s) are not in stock, we will notify you within 1-2 business days of lack of availability of the item(s). We may or may not have information related to the ETA of stock replenishment.

USPS and UPS unfortunately, do not guarantee its own delivery time frames as posted on their website. Shoppers should know that MilitaryBest can not be responsible for delays or losses of your shipment by the carrier of your choice.


All posted Shipping method's associated 'transit times' are estimates provided by the carrier and are effective from the time an item or items are processed and shipped. Estimates provided by your selected carrier does NOT include order handling and or processing times. Additionally, several of our items are shipped from Drop Shipper Warehouses around the country which may impact delivery and transit times. Examples of such items are: Printed T Shirts, Watches, Rings, Custom Jewelry and Car Mats, display cases and shawdow boxes.

We expect the vast majority of our items (non-customized products) to be shipped within 1 - 3 business days excluding weekends or holidays. There are times when MilitaryBest as well its suppliers are out of stock, and lead times could be longer. When this occurs you will be notified via telephone or email, and sometimes partial shipments will be made. In the case of a partial shipment, we will ship the back-ordered item(s) separately via USPS First Class Mail, irrespective of the original shipping method on the order.

The following are our posted shipping rates:

Our shipping fees include the Shipping Cost, Internet Processing Fees, Credit Card Fees, Absorbed USPS Loss Fees and Handling costs. First Class Mail Shipment Costs are summarized and posted below for your reference.
Orders from $0 to $9.74 are shipped for $2.99.
Orders from $9.75 to $15.98 are shipped for $5.49.
Orders from $15.99 to $34.99 are shipped for $6.49.
Orders from $35 to $54.99 are shipped for $8.49.
Orders from $55 to $74.99 are shipped for $9.99.
Orders from $75 to $94.99 are shipped for $11.99
Orders from $95 to $114.99 are shipped for $13.99
Orders from $115 to $149.99 are shipped for $16.99
Orders from $150 and up are shipped for $17.99

Priority Mail is a flat fee of $9.99, however, some weighted or drop shipped items will incur an up-charge to this flat fee.

Exceptions for First Class and Priority Mail shipments are posted below:

Jackets, Sweatshirts, Fan-Mats, Statues, T Shirts and some of the heavier and/or more expensive gift items (watches, jewelry etc.) carry an additional shipping charge to offset internet and credit card processing costs as well as USPS or UPS shipping costs. Some items are required to be shipped by UPS Ground. These items are indicated as such on the items order page.

CANADA - We have temporarily disabled ALL international shipping including Canada.


All4U LLC e.g. MilitaryBest.com is not responsible for the lack of delivery of any item due to the fault of any delivery service (UPS or USPS) chosen at checkout.


Thanks for shopping with us!

Bob and Lisa Freeman

MilitaryBest.com reserves the right to refuse service to any individual or company for any reason.

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