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To the Freemans; Just rec'd my order and am totally impressed with the quality and workmanship. The embroidery is first class and the garment is the best I've seen. Over the years most of the shirts even the ones from the SF Assoc.) have not been as good as yours.

I want to thank you and will be shopping with you again soon.

R. Duffen; Brentwood, C Greetings, I recently placed an order for U.S.M.C license plate frames for my mother and sister. In addition to the beautiful frames there was a hand written note that warmed my family's heart. Thank you for your support of our service members and familys. Strength and Honor Semper Fidelis,Gunnery Sergeant,Daniel I. LeBron

Bob and Lisa, I was pleasantly surprised upon receiving my recent USAF Comm Svcs Pins! You enclosed personal card and handwritten note, along with the great quality of the pins, has earned you a customer for my lifetime. Great Customer Service Touch ! Wishing You and your business the best! Ed Weldon,USAF Veteran, Wilmington, DE

Bob, Lisa, and Patty, You folks do a great job. I received my fourth of your U.S. Navy WWII Veteran's ball cap in today's mail. A fine product, shipped quickly, packed well, priced reasonably! I go through ball caps at a very high rate due to my wearing them 24/7, 7 days a week. I sleep in a Lazy Boy chair every night with a full face CPAP mask on and one of your ball caps on my head. The only time I take the cap off is in the shower. At 88 I do not expect to change my habits! Many thanks! Fly Navy! Regards, Vic Eckman

Hello MILITARY BEST.COM. It's me Gailann Collins. I just wanted to let you know that I received most of my order today 2/1/17. I'm just waiting for one more item which should be here by 2/3/17. I'm writing to let you know again that the items I received are awesome !!!! As I have said before your company is the BEST for sure. I absolutely love the candles, the Psalms 23 "I Will Fear No Evil" dog tag and especially the "AIR FORCE Second To None" tee shirt !! The quality of your products are the BEST ever !! I'm sure the watch will be the same. I love everything I buy from you as it has a personal touch, awesome quality as well as reasonable prices !! I want to let you know I am attending a new group of Military Moms in Orange County NY. It is their first meeting as the Hudson Valley MOMS (military moms prayer and support group). I will be making a speech to welcome them and I will be bringing everything that I have bought from your company. I will be talking about many things and I will be including your company as the best place to order items they will be needing. I want to get as many Military Organizations familiar with your products as well as your Web site !!!! Again I Thank You for being the Best !! I will keep you updated. Have an awesome day and God Bless you all. Thank you for your time l Sincerely Gailann Collins A PROUD AIR FORCE MOM

Thank you!!!, The USS Albuquerque hat arrived today and is as nice if not better than the one I first I got from the electric boat "fairwater store" back in the 1980's. Always wanted one with my division on the back!! Please never change that level of quality and attention to detail you put into your products. Sincerely, Erik

My order came yesterday and my husband absolutely loved his shirt. It is of great quality and workmanship. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Theresa

Dear All, **I recently purchased a very simple decal from your organization. I am a proud veteran of the 101st Airborne Division and looked to you folks (through Amazon) for a 101 decal. Upon arrival I was not only pleasantly surprised with the decal but the hand written note on your business card that stated, "Matthew, enjoy the decal!" I have to say was a wonderful touch! The picture of the gang there in Scottsboro is also a customer friendly experience! **I operate 6 facilities here in Aurora, Illinois supporting the leading nutritional supplement manufacturer worldwide. I often speak about the importance of correctly picking outbound shipments and how the hourly employees on the floor can and will determine the immediate customer experience. **Coincidently, I ordered a 101st Airborne Division winter hat from one of your competitors at the same time I purchased the decal from your organization. When that package arrived, the packing slip indeed printed the correct purchased item, however the hat was the 82nd Airborne! As you can see I had two separate and distinct customer experiences! Well done Military Best! Not only did you deliver the correct order timely but you enhanced the experience with the picture and the hand written note! Never underestimate the folks on the floor, those making the marketing decisions and the overall leadership of your organization! **I know where I will turn the next time I am looking for military based items! Sincerely, Matt

Bob n Lisa, Just received the ball cap. FANTASTIC. Brought back a flood of fond memories. SUPER fast ship. More should be like both of u. One vet 2 another.... Thank u. Peter Robinson

Cap arrived today in perfect shape and much sooner than I expected. Shipping details said "Snail mail-Long Transit Times" so I figured June would be about right. Not so, shipped on Monday, arrived on Wednesday along with a friendly little note from Patty on the back of your business card. Good job. I an very pleased. I will pass this shopping experience on to others. Thanks, Ken Gibson

Hi! Just a note to let you know I received the cap and pin husband loves both of them!!! Thank you for a great was a pleasure doing business with you! Regards, Berneda Jones

Dear Mr. & Ms. Freeman, I recently ordered and received a lapel pin from your company. When I opened the package I got the pin, the packing list and a business card. On the back of the card was a note from your employee Cheryl with a smiley face. I, like a lot of people, order products from company's all the time. But this is the first time I received a personalized greeting. I have to admit it really touch a nerve. If all of your employees are like Cheryl, you have a great staff. Your business card will be on the top of the stack and I will be ordering from you again. Well Done, Mark Roomsburg

Thank you very much for prompt and excellent customer service.

Hello to everyone, l purchased two items from you folks and recived much more than just stickers. The welcome home and happy face from Debbie and l am sure all of you, means so very much to so many of us. Please don't ever think that how you treat us goes unnoticed. A thank you is not enough. Roger Lewis. USN 1966-70

You guys are great! Thank you so much! It's exactly what I've wanted.

Hi Bob and Lisa, Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks. The pin was for a buddy of mine, Tom, from church, who's a Navy veteran, and was looking for one. It came in the mail yesterday, just in time to hand it to him this morning before mass, with a "Happy Easter!". Thanks again,Ray

Got the badges today. Really appreciate yall getting them to me quickly. Want to thank you for the Silver Star and the kind note. It really meant a lot....Thank you again Jeff

Good evening, I had previously returned a custom cap because of a misunderstanding about lettering. Yesterday,I received a replacement. Just wanted to let you know that I am highly impressed with the final product. Congratulations on a job well done. Sincerely, W. Wells

My father was delivering blankets to a children's hospital and the woman who helped carry them in saw his Coral Sea cap in his trunk. She said she would love to have a hat like that for her father who served on the USS Forrestal. My dad told her he would try to locate one for her. He called around and was waiting for a response when he telephoned me at work to tell me about it. My father does not have/want internet access, but I used mine to access your site and promptly order the cap. He called today to say it was great, and just what he was looking for. He also was impressed that your company had included a note. I want to thank you for your excellent service. All the best, J. Bush

Thank you very much for my order. Dealing with you guys has been the best. I will recommend you to all the guys I know.

Thank you very much for the personal words of appreciation. Makes me feel what I went through worth it. Thanks again. J. Story

Hi Bob & Lisa! I just received my decal and I was surprised to read the note you left me! I really appreciate the time you took to thank my dad for his service. If my dad sees someone in public with a uniform, hat, or any symbol that has to do with being in the military, he always goes out of his way to shake their hand and thank them. I showed him the note you wrote and he was really happy! I told him it was his turn for someone to go out of their way and thank him. Such a small thing you guys have done yet it made our day! Thank you guys so much, I will definitely be ordering for you all again! Have a great day :)

By FAR the best decals I have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOOAH!!!!! A. Beverley SFC, United States, Army (Retired)

Thanks! Very Good Quality! I served as 'Ships Company' on both these 'Bird Farms' in the 1950's as an Electricions Mate. Nice look'n Family... Best of Luck in your Business! I'll be touring the USS Midway CVA 41 now a Muesum in San Diego soon... Jack

Great job, I got my caps today and you beat the delivery date you promised by a long shot. I wasn't expecting to see them until next week at earliest and definitely not today. They look great, thank you so much. I will be ordering at least 5 more in the future. I know you don't have any of them in stock and most of the ships have been scrapped or moth balled for several years. Thanks again for your great service. Bob Clark

Wow! I just received my order... I cant believe how fast you took care of me. The hat is perfect, and it will make my brother very happy. Thank you very much! Beth Dye

Mr and Mrs Freeman and staff I wanted to say thank you for the beautiful pins. They are even better than i imagined.. I also wanted to say the handwritten note on the business card was just amazing. It made me feel very proud that i found your small business and wish you all the best of success.. If all businesses were so personal with their customers we would probably have a better economy... Thank you again and i will be doing more business with your company.. Christopher A. Johnson MPH, US Navy Veteran

Hello my name is Bill Scott. And I just want to thank you for my order. It was for 2, 7th Signal brigade veteran stickers. They are great! I also posted a pic and link on our 268TH sig co. alumni face book page! So I hope you get some more orders from my Brothers and Sisters from the 7TH!! Thanks again! Great product!!!, Bill Scott.

Thanks Lisa, you're terrific; am sharing your website with multiple other veterans - hope you stay in business forever ! It's folks like you and businesses like this why we go to war to protect . Thank you for all that you do - military best is an absolute goldmine and I'm so glad that I've found you - very much appreciated !!! Very respectfully, Phil