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U.S. Navy Cruisers Merchandise

U.S. Navy Cruisers Merchandise is proud to present our sailors with this quality selection of U.S. Navy Cruiser products. Here you can view All our merchandise for the following ships:

Pensacola Class: USS Pensacola CL-24, USS Salt Lake City CL-25 - Northampton Class: USS Northampton CL-26, USS Chester CL-27, USS Louisville CL-28, USS Chicago CL-29, USS Houston CL-30, USS Augusta CL-31 - New Orleans Class: USS New Orleans CL-32, USS Astoria CL-34, USS Minneapolis CL-36, USS Tuscaloosa CA-37, USS San Francisco CA-38, USS Quincy CA-39, USS Vincennes CA-44, USS Wichita CA-45 - Portland Class, USS Portland CL-33, USS Indianapolis CL-35 - Brooklyn Class, USS Brooklyn CL-40, USS Philadelphia CL-41, USS Savannah CL-42, USS Nashville CL-43, USS Phoenix CL-46, USS Boise CL-47, USS Honolulu CL-48 - St. Louis Class: USS St. Louis CL-49, USS Helena CL-50 - Atlanta Class: USS Atlanta CL-51, USS Juneau CL-52, USS San Diego CL-53, USS San Juan CL-54 - Cleveland Class: USS Cleveland CL-55, USS Columbia CL-56, USS Montpelier CL-57, USS Denver CL-58, USS Santa Fe CL-60, USS Birmingham CL-62, USS Mobile CL-63, USS Vincennes CL-64, USS Pasadena CL-65, USS Springfield CL-66, USS Topeka CL-67, USS Biloxi CL-80, USS Houston CL-81, USS Providence CL-82, USS Manchester CL-83, USS Vicksburg CL-86, USS Duluth CL-87, USS Miami CL-89, USS Astoria CL-90, USS Oklahoma City CL-91, USS Little Rock CL-92, USS Amsterdam CL-101, USS Portsmouth CL-102, USS Wilkes-Barre CL-103, USS Atlanta CL-104, USS Dayton CL-105 - Baltimore Class: USS Baltimore CA-68, USS Boston CA-69, USS Canberra CA-70, USS Quincy CA-71, USS Pittsburgh CA-71, USS St. Paul CA-73, USS Columbus CA-74, USS Helena CA-75, USS Bremerton CA-130, USS Fall River CA-131, USS Macon CA-132, USS Toledo CA-133, USS Los Angeles CA-135, USS Chicago CA-136 - Oakland Class: USS Oakland CL-95, USS Reno CL-96, USS Flint CL-97, USS Tucson CL-98 - Fargo Class: USS Fargo CL-106, USS Huntington CL-107 - Juneau Class: USS Juneau CL-119, USS Spokane CL-120, USS Fresno CL-121 - Oregon City Class: USS Oregon City CA-122, USS Albany CA-123, USS Rochester CA-124 - Des Moines Class: USS Des Moines CA-134, USS Salem CA-139, USS Newport News CA-148 - Worcester Class: USS Worcester CL-144, USS Roanoke CL-145

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