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USSVI U.S. Submarine Veterans 2024 Calendar

USSVI U.S. Submarine Veterans 2024 Calendar

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This USSVI 2024 U.S. Submarine Calendar is dedicated to all U.S. Submariners who manned United States submarines — from the commissioning of USS Holland (SS-1) in 1900 through the newest nuclear submarines in the fleet.

Our Submariners have always performed a vital service to our nation. U.S. Submariners sank more than 1,392 Japanese ships during WWII, landed raiding parties during the Korean War, monitored the Soviet Navy, and conducted intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions during the Cold War. During the late 1950s and until 1964 submariners performed Regulus cruise missile patrols, and since 1960 the submariners serving aboard Strategic Ballistic Missile subs have maintained a continuous nuclear deterrent force around the globe. Our current Submariners provide covert intelligence and tactical missile strikes when needed in support of the Global War on Terrorism, as well as, carrying out continuous deterrent nuclear missile patrols.

For 120 years U.S. submariners have provided and continue to provide a vital service to our nation and we salute them all!