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Allen M. Sumner Class Destroyer Merchandise

Allen M. Sumner Class Destroyer Merchandise
Here you can find our products for the following ships: USS Allen M. Sumner DD-692, USS Moale DD-693, USS Ingraham DD-694, USS Cooper DD-695, USS English DD-696, USS Charles S. Sperry, USS Ault DD-698, USS Waldron DD-699, USS Hansworth DD-700, USS John W. Weeks DD-701, USS Hank DD-702, USS Wallace L. Lind DD-703, USS Borie DD-704, USS Compton DD-705, USS Gainard DD-706, USS Soley DD-707, USS Harlan R. Dickson DD-708, USS Hugh Purvis, USS Barton DD-722, USS Walke DD-723, USS Laffey DD-724, USS O'Brien DD-725, USS Meredith DD-726, USS De Haven DD-727, USS Mansfield DD-728, USS Lyman K. Swenson DD-729, USS Collett DD-730, USS Maddox DD-731, USS Hyman DD-732, USS Mannert L. Abele DD-733, USS Purdy DD-734, USS Drexier DD-741, USS Blue DD-744, USS Brush DD-745, USS Taussig DD-746, USS Samuel N. Moore DD-747, USS Harry E. Hubbard DD-748, USS Alfred A. Cunningham DD-752, USS John R. Pierce DD-753, USS Frank E. Evans DD-754, USS John A. Bole DD-755, USS Beatty DD-756, USS Putnam DD-757, USS Strong DD-758, USS Lofberg DD-759, USS John W. Thomason DD-760, USS Buck DD-761, USS Henley DD-762, USS Lowry DD-770, USS Hugh W. Hadley DD-774, USS Willard Keith DD-775, USS James C. Owens DD-776, USS Zellars DD-777, USS Massey DD-778, USS Douglas H. Fox DD-779, USS Stormes DD-780, USS Robert K. Huntington DD-781, USS Bristol DD-857. We offer Caps, Jackets, Decals, Lapel Pins, Shirts, Golf Towels, and Polo Shirts for you, your shipmates, and even your reunion parties. Simply choose the product you would like and choose your ship from the drop down menu.